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The Quiet Music of Gently Falling Snow

Twelve illustrated folk tales. Written and illustrated by Jackie Morris.

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A collection of twelve illustrated folk tales, or lullabies for grown-ups, set in a distant world of music, snow and magic. The stories are based around a series of muscically themed illustrations first created by Jackie for Help Musicians UK.

"The words tell only a small part of what can be found in the images. These stories ask more questions than they answer. Look at the paintings and find within them more answers. The book is a harbour in which to rest, a catalyst for the imagination, and the stories are a series of lullabies for grown ups. My hope is that the threads of stories will wrap around the dreams of others and spin fine gold threads to catch the imagination" Jackie Morris.

Jon Boden has written the foreward for the book having been a fan of Jackies since receiving one of her christmas cards. He describes the stories as "compelling, lucid and bewitching". "Music, painting and words have long been close acquaintances, but in The Quiet Music of Gently Falling Snow Morris has discovered a way of bringing the three art forms together in a truly organic, intuitive amalgam.

Jackie would love to dedicate this special book for you so remember to write your dedication in the box above.

Hardback book - 96 pages.



Products specifications
Signed by Jackie Morris
Size approx. 365x270mm
Cover Hardback
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