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WM22 Welsh Tapestry Floor Rug

Traditional Welsh Tapestry design floor rug. Flat woven using 100% British Wool.
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Traditional Welsh design floor rugs, woven on our Dobcross looms that were created in the 1800s.
We only use 100% British Wool - an amazing natural fibre that has many characteristics making it ideal for rugs.
As well as being soft to walk on, these rugs are machine washable and long-lasting making them both practical and stylish.
Ideal for hard floors such as wood or stone. We suggest using an anti slip underlay to prevent the rug moving and provide further cushioning.
It is a double cloth, two layers of cloth woven together, so is fully reversible meaning you get one rug with two different colour ways.
A classic design that will add warmth and comfort to any room traditional or contemporary.

This rug has a unique colourway and only a small batch are available. We have woven it using a mix of coloured wool that has an overall tone of bright blues. It reminds us of the sea colour off the Pembrokeshire coast during summertime.

The colours may vary from the photo and sizes are approximate.


Woven by us in Pembrokeshire, West Wales

100% British Wool

Hand finished fringes on both ends

Size: approx. 92cm x 152cm (36" x 60")

Wash as wool

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