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Visiting our Spinners!

18 February 2015

In November 2014 we took a small detour on our trip to Northumberland to visit our spinners in Liversedge, West Yorkshire. Fantastic industrial part of the country - mill buildings everywhere we looked. Our spinners are a family run business who have been there many years spinning wool for the large carpet manufacturers. We are in fact quite a small customer for them but as they said every customer is a good customer! They made us feel right at home, gave us tea and then David took us on a fascinating tour of the factory. We saw the vast mound of fleece disappearing into the back of the carding engines then followed it to the ring spinners. From there the yarn was doubled for thickness and then wound into hanks ready to be sent to the dyers. It was a great visit - really brilliant to see where our wool comes from and meet the people who make it all happen.