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The Snow Leopard (Artist Edition)

This is a limited Artist edition of The Snow Leopard . Written, illustrated and signed by Jackie Morris.

All of Jackie's lovely books we sell are signed by her.

If you would like to make the book even more special,

as a gift to someone or as a treat for yourself,

Jackie is more than happy to write a dedication for you.

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double check the spelling.

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There is a limited print run of 500 copies. Each book has been signed by Jackie and individually numbered. She has also hand-printed a gorgeous image of a Snow Leopard inside the cover.

Jackie has longed for a publisher to recognise and celebrate her beautiful illustrations and to have a text-free front cover. So it is the image that captures the readers imagination. Now at last Jackie’s glorious illustrations and lyrical text are matched by the lavish production values of this book.

The Snow Leopard, originally published in 2007, has been re-imagined in this deluxe large-format edition. This new edition portrays each of Jackie’s paintings as originally intended, displaying the whole of each painting, printed on a smooth off-white uncoated paper.

From the beginning of time, high above the hidden valley, Snow Leopard has sung the stars to life, the sun to rise and the moon to wax and wane. She has woven words of protection to keep the hidden valley safe from the world and as she sings, a child lies dreaming the song down in the valley beneath. But time is passing, and Snow Leopard needs to find a singer who will follow her. But while she is searching, soldiers come looking for gold and slaves…

Jackie Morris's poetic text weaves the spirit of nature into a universal myth for our time, drawing threads of transformation into a children's story glistening with wonder. Set against the stunning landscapes of the Himalayas, her superlative illustrations of the nearly-extinct Snow Leopard offer a message of hope at a time when many of the world's wildest places are being worn away by human beings.

24 pages

Size 365 x 270mm


Products specifications
Signed by Jackie Morris
Cover Hardback
Published in Wales
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