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Song of the Golden Hare

Written by Jackie Morris

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This is a magical story of a boy and his family who are the guardians of the Golden Hares, protecting them from the rest of the world while others choose to hunt them.

The boy and his sister watch and follow the hares, and one day they are rewarded by an extraordinary once-in-a-lifetime experience. They witness the competition for the new queen of the Golden Hares, in which each young female must sing to win the crown, and the old queen must then make her perilous last journey to the island of the Golden Hares. When the children hear the hares sing, they are spellbound and their hearts are bound to the hares for ever.

Jackie spent many hours sitting in fields watching hares yawn, stretch, run and leap. During these moments she captured the essence of wild Hares and has transformed their behaviour into this incredible tale. It is an original story that sounds like a folk song. Echoing the Pembrokeshire landscape this book crosses the borders of song and story. It is a picture book for all ages. It is about love, song, courage, patience, rebirth, renewal, hope and trust.

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Signed by Jackie Morris
Cover Hardback
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