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Nordic Crew Neck Jumper

A stylish, classic Nordic jumper made of 100% British wool. Knitted using wool from sheep roaming across the Pennine Hills.

PLEASE NOTE: All sizes are approximate

due to the fact that there is a lot of movement in wool.

The Nordic jumper is incredibly retro modern and of a fine soft, warm wool quality. It is a unisex jumper style, which makes it suitable for all people, of all ages. It is has a round neck collar and solid ribbed wrist and bottom.
They have been made by a small family business in the heart of the UK. Each one is assembled by specialist knitters.
Each jumper has been designed to provide long lasting comfort. Please follow the washing instructions to ensure they stay in the best quality.
Washing Instructions
Our garments are designed to last so these instructions are provided to ensure they stay in the best quality.
Hand wash using warm water and a mild detergent suitable for woollens. Rinse thoroughly and lay out flat for drying.
Do not tumble dry. Only machine wash if you are confident your washing machine is gentle enough for thick wool jumpers.
100% British Wool


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